Parents, teachers, and students work together in order to create our Nazareth Way community, guided by the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth of respect, hospitality, love, justice, compassion, and patience. Together, we ensure students receive a phenomenal education through the continued growth of Nazareth School programs. To support these programs, we rely on parents for the gift of their time and talent.

Family Service Hours

With the help of parent participation at school functions, everyone involved benefits. We appreciate family participation and ask each family to contribute their time and talents for a total of 30 hours each year (15 for single parents). Please track your family’s service hours and submit your report to the school office in person or by email by the end of April.

Volunteer Requirements

As part of the school’s commitment to maintaining a safe environment for our children, Nazareth School has implemented the CMG Connect platform to administer the safe environment program. CMG connect is a web-based platform that will assist us to ensure that all employees and volunteers who are in a position of trust with children and vulnerable adults within our schools and parishes are trained to recognize behavior patterns of potential abusers and provide proactive measures for preventing abuse in any context. We require all volunteers who work with the children in an unsupervised capacity to obtain CMG clearance. This is a background check authorized through the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. A fee applies. Volunteers who have been live scanned with the San Diego Diocese do not have to complete a background check through the CMG site. Please contact our office for more information.


Fundraising is an essential element to the success of our Nazareth School. To help facilitate exciting programs and additional technology, we ask our parents to take an active role in the preparation and execution of our fundraising activities.

Parent Teacher Group

The purpose of the parent teacher group (PTG) is to bring about a closer relationship between the school, the home, and the parish. We consider all parents and members of Nazareth School staff as part of the PTG. To learn about the PTG bylaws, please view our PTG Constitution.

The dues and services contributed by the PTG help to provide needed programs, materials, and services in support of our educational program.

The parent teacher group meets during the school year for general meetings. Please plan to have one or both parents attend each of these meetings and take an active part in the discussions and activities.

We understand that you may not be able to attend every meeting every time. We’ll keep you informed via our PTG newsletter where we provide the information you need to know about PTG-sponsored events and business. To reach a member of our PTG leadership team, please email us