Who We Are

Since our founding in 1927, we have prepared students for success in higher education. As part of an international community of schools owned and operated by the Sisters of Nazareth, we welcome students and families of all faiths.

Our Goal

The goal of Nazareth School is to work as a team with parents and students to create a Christ-Centered Catholic community committed to high educational standards within the framework of our school-wide learning expectations. Our core values are based on Scripture and the heritage and charisms of the Sisters of Nazareth – Respect, Hospitality, Love, Justice, Compassion, and Patience. 

Mission Statement

Nazareth School, “A school with a Mission,” develops faith-filled learners who are guided by the Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth, providing academic excellence rooted in Catholic tradition.

Congregation of the Sisters of Nazareth Mission Statement

We, the Sisters of Nazareth, aim to share the love of God through our ministries of care and education and our openness to respond to the needs of the times.

Whatsoever you do to the least of my people you do to me.

Words of Jesus Christ (Matt.25:40)

Core Values of the Sisters of Nazareth

  • Respect - Matthew 25:40
    As often as you did it to one of these…you did it to me.
  • Hospitality - Matthew 25:37
    I was a stranger and you welcomed me.
  • Love - 1 Peter 1:22
    Let your love for each other be real and from the heart.
  • Justice  - Matthew 5:6
    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for justice for they shall be satisfied.
  • Compassion - Luke 6:36
    Be compassionate as your heavenly Father is compassionate.
  • Patience - Matthew 5:5
    Blessed are the gentle for they shall possess the earth.


The Nazareth School faculty and staff work in partnership with parents, the primary educators of their children, to provide a quality Catholic education. God is the center of Nazareth School, and each child is a member of His family, created in His image. Students develop a strong relationship with God and grow in the rich traditions of the Catholic faith through prayer, sacramental celebration, and service to others. Gospel values are practiced daily. Nazareth School staff, students, parents, and religious are committed to building the bonds of community among themselves and the local/global society. Through a challenging academic curriculum relevant to the needs and abilities of the students, the children are prepared for higher education and responsible citizenship with moral integrity in an ever-changing world.

Schoolwide Learning Expectations

            Nazareth School Prayer

            Lord Jesus, 

            You were once a child in the Holy Family of Nazareth.
            We are gathered as a family at Nazareth School.
            Bless San Diego, our city.
            Preserve it from violence and hatred.
            Bless our school and all who come here.
            Guide and strengthen the teachers and all who work here.
            Help us to be kind to one another and cheerful each day.
            Fill us with your Holy Spirit so that we may grow in your love and learn to love one another. 


            Holy Family of Nazareth
            Watch over us and protect us